Prophet Issaac C. Jones

Issaac C. Jones is an outstanding multi-faceted keyboardist and composer. He possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Music from City College in New York City, and was awarded his Master's Degree in Sacred Music from Friends Christian International University of Fresno, California. He also studied classical piano under the late Louise Corbett, Dr. Felix Boyce and Loris Holland.

Issaac has the unique distinction of being the founding chief musician of Zoe Ministries under the leadership of Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, and also served as the director of their Worshipping Arts Department for over ten years. His season of service in Zoe Ministries accorded him the opportunity to perfect his outstanding improvisational skills while developing an astuteness for creative oversight of a myriad of artistic expressions, which include choir, band, drama, mime, comedy, dance, and poetry, among many others.

He has served as producer for numerous stage, television, and video productions, composing original music for various telecasts, broadcasts, and recordings. Issaac also has extensive experience with studio production, and has self-produced several music albums and a guided meditation album. His talents have also allowed him to work alongside other experienced producers such as Lawrence Smith and Cliff Branch, to name a few.

Issaac Jones has been a provocateur to many other musicians, who have come to respect, admire, and emulate his gifted genius for improvisation and composition. He is a seasoned musician of exceptional ability to capture the emotions of the heart and set them to music. It is his years of experience and meticulous training that make him an invaluable resource for those who are seeking the expression of an original genius.

Besides his musical accomplishments, Issaac Jones is a gifted prophet and teacher with over twenty years of prophetic experience gained through faithful service under the prophetic tutelage of Bishop E. Bernard Jordan of Zoe Ministries. He is the co-founder of Mystic's Wells Ministries and Prothumia Institute, which is a training center for the development and maturation of prophets. There are currently two chapters of Prothumia located in East Orange NJ and Clinton, MD.